Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Elementary Tatvamasi

How do you teach a six year old where to find God? Don’t bother. She will teach you instead. From where does the rain fall to How many buckets of water are there in the ocean to Why do we grow old, the curious questions of my six year old have been especially trying on my grey cells. Yet, I’ve tried hard to provide answers that convince her almost always.

But last night, all ingenuity evaded me when she asked if she could marry Lord Krishna. I was stumped. “But Krishna is God baby”, I offered by way of a clever explanation to what’s impossible to explain. She didn’t give up. “As he is God, I guess I have to die and go to heaven to meet him”, she said.

I corrected her that she didn’t have to do that because God is everywhere and one doesn’t have to go to heaven to find him.

That seemed to make a little more sense to her. Nodding in agreement my six year old daughter declared simply “ Cool. Then I know what to do. I will look into my heart and find him.” ( elementary my dear Krithika!!!)

A weighty statement of ecstatic enlightenement “Aham Brahmasmi” stated with absolute conviction.

I marveled at the truth of the statement while reflecting that such innocence and knowledge is only possible in children. When we grow up, we tend to lose this realization and seek solace in religion and Godmen. We search for the truth in vain and remain tired hungry souls. We pray, we meditate, but doubt lurks in the murky depths of our soul. We need to be reminded of “Tatvamasi - The best place you can find God is within yourself”

My daughter’s simple truth has opened my eyes.

As for opening my heart to find God, that’s a different matter.


Afterdark said...

Super.Profound in thought but told in a very simple manner. Particularly the ending, I always think so. He is everywhere.. But have I still seen Him !!!! Big question mark

Nimmy said...

I am speechless! Wow. I don't know how but wouldn't it be wonderful if you can somehow be a super-mom and keep your daughter's wisdom intact and continue to learn from her?! :-) Bliss....what innocent wisdom!!!

Simon said...

That is a beautiful story. I too am often surprised by the unpolluted depth of wisdom my five-year old daughter brings to me. Once when she kissed her new baby brother she said to us "Look, God is kissing himself". It was such a strange and wonderful thing.

jih said...

nice one,,,,,,,god enlightens himself to all in different ways.


The best place you can find God is within yourself.......marvellous explanation in simple words.
Bless krithikaa to enlighten me,found that word "tatvamashi" from sabarimala ayyappan temple..which is written everywhere from erimezhi to pampa.I named my blog in devotion of lord ayyappa.
Blessed child krithikka.
Thank you